While Summer Theatre Smiths Falls will be taking place outside with ample air ventilation and space for social distancing, we have still developed some control measures to minimize potential infections at the event.


  • Audiences will be asked to wear their masks when presenting tickets, whenever they are in shared areas, or anywhere where a 2m distance cannot be ensured.

  • Masks will be worn by staff and volunteers whenever engaging with the public or less than 2m apart.

  • Guests will be reminded to bring their masks with them. Masks will also be available on site.

Eliminating exposure

Crowd management:

  • Summer Theatre Smiths Falls will adhere to the current outdoor gathering limit. Audiences will be encouraged to purchase tickets in advance.

  • Staff and volunteers to assist audiences with entry, seating, purchases, and exits to reduce crowding.

  • Management of any lineup for tickets or washrooms will be a priority.

  • The location of Heritage House reduces the risk of walk-ups as it is slightly out of downtown Smiths Falls.

Physical distancing:

  • Marked spots in lines for washrooms, tickets, and concessions will enforce social distancing in these areas more prone to crowding.

  • Staff and volunteers will monitor seating and enforce social distancing. Seating will be available first-come, first-served. Rope, or other markers, will indicate appropriate distancing in the seating area.

  • Masks are required to be worn inside the washrooms, and in any other covered space. Audiences will be expected to wear their masks whenever they are not in their seat.

Isolation and Response

Contact tracing

  • Audiences will be asked to notify staff immediately if they develop any symptoms, either in person on-site or by email.

  • The affected individual must immediately vacate the venue and self-isolate. Staff also will be required to notify their supervisor immediately if they develop any symptoms.

  • All surfaces that an infected individual has touched will be cleaned and disinfected. If appropriate, staff will provide a clean mask and hand hygiene to the affected individual.

  • Staff and volunteers will practice this protocol in training.

  • Volunteer and staff scheduling will be flexible to accommodate any isolation periods. It will be emphasized that health is a top priority, so staff and volunteers should not feel pressure to work if they are ill, or suspect they might be.

Administrative Measures

  • Contact information for all attendees will be collected, either in advance or in the case of walk-ups, with their purchase.

  • Audiences will be asked to verbally confirm to staff/volunteers that they have not traveled outside the country, had contact with someone who has, had any symptoms, or had contact with anyone with any symptoms, before entry to the event.

  • STSF contact tracing information will be available to public health upon their request.

Signage and Communication

  • Signage will be posted outlining safety policies, detailing amenities, proper PPE, and hand hygiene for audiences, staff, and volunteers.

  • Signage will indicate the recommended direction of traffic at entry and exit areas.

  • Policies will be communicated to audiences in advance via email, or verbally and through signage to walk up audiences

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